thredUP Releases New Post-Pandemic Shopping Surge Data and Campaign to Fight the Waste

The online resale platform created the #FashionMindfulness Challenge, a 7-day social movement to curb mindless consumption & help consumers get back to normal, mindfully.

The Post-Pandemic Shopping Surge is Coming — and So is the Fashion Waste

thredUP’s #FashionMindfulness Challenge Helps Consumers ‘Spree’ Responsibly

If 1 million people take thredUP’s #FashionMindfulness Challenge, we estimate that we’ll collectively save more than 40 million lbs of Co2e — equivalent to taking 3,927 cars off the road for an entire year (source: Green Story).

Surprising Celebrities are Taking the Challenge & Committing to Sustainability

“Confession: this outfit is thrifted from @thredUP! I’m making a resolution to be a more conscious consumer. That’s why I’m taking the #FashionMindfulness Challenge. 7 small habits in 7 days to become more sustainable and reduce fashion waste. Day 1 is WEAR THRIFT, because buying secondhand instead of new reduces the carbon footprint of an outfit by 82%! Join me and take thredUP’s #FashionMindfulness Challenge. If 1M people take it we’ll eliminate 40 million pounds of carbon emissions. It makes me feel so empowered to know that I can create a positive impact with my fashion choices. If I can do it, you can too!” — Paris Hilton

7 Days, 7 Steps to Achieve a More Sustainable Closet

Why #FashionMindfulness Matters for the Planet



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