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8 min readJun 22, 2021

This shop is the first in thredUP’s new “Shop Their Closets” series, inspired by new data from thredUP’s upcoming 2021 Resale Report which found that 80% of US consumers plan to refresh their closets once the pandemic has ended.

thredUP, one of the world’s largest online resale platforms, has partnered with award-winning journalist Katie Couric to sell clothing from her 40+ year career. thredUP will donate 100% of the proceeds from Katie’s items to the charity she co-founded, Stand Up To Cancer.

Inspired to clean out her closet post-pandemic, Katie called on thredUP to help her sort through hundreds of items. Together, they identified over 250 items to sell and pass along to others, including designer pieces from Armani and Oscar de la Renta, as well as recognizable pieces that reflect the many milestones she hit over her career thus far.

“Coming out of the pandemic, I was in need of a full closet refresh. thredUP made it easy for me to clean out hundreds of items — most of which I’ve only worn once. Together, we went through years of clothing and memorable outfits. After an uncertain year, it feels good to get peace of mind by organizing my closet. I’m passionate about sustainability and I’m happy to give these amazing outfits a second life by passing them on to women who will wear and love them. I’m doubly thrilled that thredUP is donating all the proceeds from the sale of my clothes to Stand Up To Cancer.” — Katie Couric

Katie’s shop is the first in thredUP’s new “Shop Their Closets” series, which provides a peek into the post-pandemic closet purges of noteworthy people. New data from thredUP’s upcoming 2021 Resale Report found that 80% of US consumers (or 266 million people) plan to refresh their closets once the pandemic has ended. thredUP’s new “Shop Their Closets” series will enable this collective clean out, reveal the stories behind the clothes, and give thredUP shoppers exclusive access to covetable items.

“At thredUP, we believe resale is a key part of life transitions and personal transformation. After a year in sweatpants, we are all going through a collective shift as we reevaluate our closets, and reimagine how we want to present ourselves to the world. By giving consumers the tools they need to refresh their wardrobes, thredUP makes it easy for people to part with looks that no longer serve them, and find new ones, sustainably. We are thrilled to partner with an icon like Katie Couric to help extend the life of her clothes, while benefiting a cause that’s so meaningful to her. This is just the beginning of more ‘Shop Their Closets’ that celebrate circularity — and give our customers the chance to score some amazing one-of-a-kind items from people they admire.” — Erin Wallace, VP of Integrated Marketing at thredUP

Many of the items Katie is selling have memories tied to them that signify special moments in her life. Some of the notable items include:

The Armani blazer Katie wore on her last day hosting TODAY…

Armani Collezioni Blazer, $224.99, available at

“The day I wore this blazer was so bittersweet for me. I co-hosted TODAY for 15 years. I joined at a time when men were still in control, and trying to get the broads out of broadcasting. Wearing this blazer on my last day at TODAY made me feel powerful. It’s a feminine piece of clothing, and yet it gave me the confidence I needed to leave behind something that was such a big part of my life for so many years. I hope the next woman who wears it feels equally confident and powerful, ready to hold her own against anyone who might try to bring her down.” — Katie Couric

…And the other Armani blazer Katie wore on her first day at CBS Evening News, making history as the first woman to solo anchor a network evening newscast:

Giorgio Armani silk blazer, $479.99, available at

“Armani blazers hold a special significance to me, since this is the second one I chose for a major life moment! The fact that it’s a white blazer was actually a secret message to viewers. Wearing suffragette white felt meaningful to me entering this new phase of my career, making history as the first solo woman to head an evening news program. I believe that we need more women in leadership positions in journalism and broadcast news, and I feel proud to have done my part to pave the way for the diverse leaders and journalists of the future.” — Katie Couric

The Max Mara suit set Katie wore on CBS Evening News:

Max Mara suit set, $230.99, available at

“Rick Kaplan, who I adore, was my EP at the CBS Evening News. Every single broadcast he made me wear a jacket. Not a sweater, not a dress — a good ol’ fashioned blazer. I snuck in skirts with the blazers to fit the evening news look and feel at least a little feminine. This was one of my favorite, confidence-boosting looks. I hope it gives another woman the same confidence in the workplace, especially as we all begin heading back to the office!” — Katie Couric

The gown Katie wore to the 2015 White House Correspondents dinner:

Carmen Marc Valvo dress, $196.99, available at

“Carmen Marc Valvo is a dear friend of mine, and his designs are always such a dream to wear. I loved wearing this dress to the White House Correspondents dinner. I was so comfortable all night chatting with all of the incredible people in the room! So comfortable, I even sat on Jenna Dewan’s lap! With events returning again, I hope someone else can feel as good as I did in this dress, hopefully while getting silly with some girlfriends.” — Katie Couric

The Carmen Marc Valvo gown Katie wore to the 2014 White House Correspondents dinner:

Carmen Marc Valvo gown, $194.99, available at

“I was really feeling myself in this Carmen Marc Valvo dress. I spent the evening at my parents’ house in Arlington before heading to the White House Correspondents dinner, and they took photos of me in our living room like I was going to prom! I can’t wait for this dress to be worn and loved by someone else.” — Katie Couric

The dress Katie wore to Howard Stern’s birthday party:

Carmen Marc Valvo dress, $140.99, available at

“I wore this LBD to Howard Stern’s birthday party, where a bunch of celebs roasted him and he interviewed David Letterman. This dress was so flattering. It felt like wearing Spanx!” — Katie Couric

Katie’s favorite LBD:

David Mesiter LBD, $69.99, available at

“This dress reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I wore it on my talk show and out to many memorable dinners. It’s the perfect LBD!” — Katie Couric

The dress Katie wore on one of her first black-tie dates with John:

Carmen Marc Valvo dress, $193.99, available at

“This dress is a memorable one, because I wore it on one of my first black-tie dates with my husband John. This dress brings back all the happy memories. I was so excited to dress up with him. (PS, why was my hair so big?)” — Katie Couric

The Michael Kors dress Katie wore to her 55th birthday party:

Michael Kors dress, $202.99, available at

“I threw myself a 55th birthday bash at the Bowery Hotel, complete with 55 mph speed limit signs, my baby pics and more. I danced all night long in this dress, and it was such a blast. It’s the perfect party dress. I want to pass this one on to someone who will also have the time of their lives in it!” — Katie Couric

One of her favorite black tie looks:

Carmen Marc Valvo dress, $65.99, available at

Katie’s items are available to shop exclusively on with prices ranging from $12.99 to $739.99. Shoppers can scoop up looks directly from Katie’s closet, as well as shop more than 250,000 items from Katie’s favorite brands including Vince, Max Mara, Michael Kors, and more. For every item purchased from Katie’s favorite brands today, thredUP will donate an additional $1 to Stand Up To Cancer (up to $5,000).

Full list of Katie’s favorite brands here:

About thredUP:

thredUP is transforming resale with technology and a mission to inspire a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first. By making it easy to buy and sell secondhand, thredUP has become one of the world’s largest resale platforms for women’s and kids’ apparel, shoes and accessories. Sellers love thredUP because we make it easy to clean out their closets and unlock value for themselves or for the charity of their choice while doing good for the planet. Buyers love shopping value, premium and luxury brands all in one place, at up to 90% off estimated retail price. Our proprietary operating platform is the foundation for our managed marketplace and consists of distributed processing infrastructure, proprietary software and systems and data science expertise. In 2018, we extended our platform with thredUP Resale-As-A-Service (RaaS), which facilitates modern resale for a number of the world’s leading brands and retailers. thredUP has processed over 100 million unique secondhand items from 35,000 brands across 100 categories. By extending the life cycle of clothing, thredUP is changing the way consumers shop and ushering in a more sustainable future for the fashion industry

About Katie Couric:

Katie Couric (@KatieCouric) is an award-winning journalist, New York Times best-selling author and a co-founder of Stand Up To Cancer. She was the first woman to solo anchor a network evening newscast, serving as anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News from 2006 to 2011 following fifteen years as co-anchor of NBC’s Today show. Couric has won a duPont-Columbia, a Peabody, two Edward R. Murrows, a Walter Cronkite Award, and multiple Emmys. She was twice named one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people and is the only woman to win Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year award three times. Couric is the Founder of Katie Couric Media (KCM), which collaborates with global brands to create premium content such as Wake-Up Call (a daily newsletter), documentaries, digital series and podcasts on important social and cultural issues.



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