thredUP and Christian Siriano bring used clothes to New York Fashion Week

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6 min readFeb 25, 2021

For the first time at New York Fashion Week, the award-winning designer is boldly showcasing thrifted clothing from thredUP alongside new designs on the runway, signifying an industry shift toward a more sustainable fashion future.

February 25, 2021 — Resale destination, thredUP, and CFDA fashion designer, Christian Siriano, are bringing circularity to the forefront this Fashion Week. Siriano sourced thrifted pieces from thredUP and, today, sent them down the runway as part of his FW21 fashion show.

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The collaboration comes at an inflection point for Fashion Week. The fashion industry has slowly been evolving away from the traditional show cycle and toward more sustainable modes of production. The pandemic has accelerated these changes, resulting in a fashion week that looks different than any other before. By boldly putting thrift on the runway, Siriano and thredUP are making a statement to the industry: it’s time to rethink fashion’s emphasis on newness and embrace more circular practices.

“The ups and downs of this year led me to rethink my next collection as an optimistic vision of how we’ll dress post-pandemic. I chose to put thrifted looks from thredUP on the runway because I believe reuse will define the future of our industry. I hope my collection inspires other designers to create garments that can be worn again and again.” — Christian Siriano

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The biggest fashion event of the year — once defined by new garments — embraces thrift.

thredUP set out over a decade ago to make used clothes the new normal. Today, more consumers than ever are turning to thrift as a more sustainable way to shop. Historically, events like Fashion Week have put pressure on the industry to keep up with a seasonal fashion calendar that has perpetuated overproduction. As consumers continue to demand more sustainable practices from brands, the traditional fashion system and events like Fashion Week are responding. Christian and thredUP’s proud display of used clothes alongside new marks a step forward for the industry and reflects this evolution toward a more sustainable future.

“Ten years ago, we could never have imagined that an iconic industry event like New York Fashion Week would proudly display used clothes alongside new. We are thrilled to see a barrier-breaking designer like Christian use his runway to illustrate the importance of reuse. This paves the way for more designers to embrace their past designs and promote a more sustainable future for fashion.” — Erin Wallace, VP of Integrated Marketing, thredUP

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Thrifting Loudly On & Off the Runway:

thredUP and Christian Siriano are bringing thrift to NYFW on the heels of launching the ‘Thrift Logo,’ the first universal symbol for thrifted clothing. The ‘Thrift Logo’ empowers a new generation of proud thrifters to wear sustainability on their sleeves, broadcast their values and inspire others to embrace reuse. The thrifted looks at Christian’s show will feature the ‘Thrift Logo’ in the form of an iron-on patch made of 100% recycled textiles, proudly signaling that they are used.

These one-of-a-kind looks will be available to shop exclusively on following the show. 100% of the sale price of these runway looks will be donated to the Circular Fashion Fund, thredUP’s 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sustainable fashion efforts worldwide.

Three ways to support the thrift movement & inspire others to join:

  • Purchase Christian Siriano’s thrifted NYFW looks on after the show — each on sale for under $100
  • Shop curated secondhand styles on thredUP with the Thrift Logo patch applied by thredUP stylists.
  • Proudly share your favorite thrifted finds on Instagram using the hashtag #ThriftLoudly.

The Impact of Thrift:

The textile industry overall could consume 26% of the world’s carbon budget by 2050, and nearly 95% of used apparel and textiles can be recycled and reused (Ellen MacArthur Foundation). By displacing new clothing production and diverting items from landfills, shopping secondhand is one of the best ways to fight fashion waste.

  • thredUP has processed over 100 million secondhand items to date.
  • Buying a used item of clothing can reduce its carbon footprint by 82%, making resale one of the most impactful ways to reduce fashion’s overall environmental footprint (GreenStory).
  • With thrifted looks on the runway this Fashion Week, thredUP and Christian Siriano are inspiring a rising wave of designers and conscious consumers to advocate for reuse and promote conscious consumption.

About thredUP: thredUP is transforming resale with the mission to inspire a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first. By making it easy to buy and sell secondhand, thredUP has become one of the world’s largest resale platforms for women’s and kids’ apparel, shoes and accessories. thredUP is extending the life cycle of clothing, changing the way consumers shop and ushering in a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

About Christian Siriano: CFDA designer Christian Siriano launched his eponymous collection in 2008 following his studies in London under Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Known for whimsical and show-stopping design, the collection is shown each season at New York Fashion Week and to global retailers. In 2012, the first flagship Christian Siriano store opened in NYC and his latest retail venture, “The Curated NYC”, was located in the heart of midtown. Siriano’s designs have been worn by current FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden, former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, Julianne Moore, Lady Gaga, Tiffany Haddish, Billy Porter, Cardi B, Amy Adams, Kelly Clarkson, Scarlett Johansson and Helen Hunt to name but a few. Siriano was named among Time’s 100 Most Influential People for his leading contributions on body diversity on the runway and red carpet. Most recently Christian has been heralded for leading the PPE charge during the COVID-19 pandemic. His atelier shifted entirely from clothes to masks and to date he and his team have shipped one million masks to frontline workers in the New York area. 2020 also saw Siriano launch his own digital BRAVO talk show called “SO SIRIANO” which saw him break down all things fashion and pop culture with guests ranging from Drew Barrymore, Leslie Jones, Billy Porter, Ashley Graham, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Sia. And Christian fulfilled a longtime passion when he added interior designer to his impressive list of credits with the debut of his newest venture, Siriano Interiors. With over a decade of fashion experience, the Siriano design studio will create uniquely bold spaces that are modern, playful, warm and luxurious.

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