thredUP unveils a rebrand that reflects consumers’ newfound pride in wearing used clothes

Secondhand was once stigmatized. Now it’s a status symbol. thredUP’s new brand celebrates the shift to thrift.

October 8, 2020

The rebrand reflects a broader movement: a wave of secondhand adoption.

thredUP launched in 2009 to modernize and de-stigmatize thrift, with the goal of making used clothes the new normal. At the time, wearing secondhand was something most consumers downplayed or even hid.

“In the early days of thredUP, our goal was to convert skeptics. Our brand was designed to shake up preconceptions about secondhand and build trust,” said Anthony Marino, thredUP’s President. “Today we have less convincing to do. Skeptics have become fans and advocates. Stigma has been replaced by pride. We have a new opportunity to create a brand that is authentically and unapologetically thrift.”

A creative direction inspired by thrifter confidence, pride and individuality.

thredUP’s new brand is a celebration of secondhand, and reflection of the pride thrifters feel when they make a smart choice for their style, wallet, and planet. thredUP’s rebrand was led by Red Antler, an agency known for defining the disruptive brands that are redefining their respective industries.

At the core of thredUP’s new brand, “Thrift Loudly” means standing for sustainability, rejecting throwaway fashion culture, and advocating for a better fashion future.
With over 35,000 brands, thredUP is for everyone. The new brand and launch campaign aim to convey the inclusivity of thrift, and the fact that secondhand democratizes sustainability as well as luxury.
thredUP’s new UGC (User Generated Content) x graphical treatment reflects the confidence and individuality that radiates from thrifters when they find amazing clothes, at even more amazing prices — all while saving the planet.
Red Antler evolved the wordmark to be a timeless interpretation of thredUP’s brand identity — crafting it to act as a stamp of pride for thrift.
Patterns that convey circularity are a nod to thredUP’s mission of giving new life to used clothes, keeping garments in use and out of landfill.

The rebrand celebrates the rise of conscious consumption and the promise of a more sustainable future for fashion.

Fashion is among the most environmentally damaging sectors in the global economy. We’re producing, buying and throwing away more clothing than ever before. Wearing secondhand reduces the environmental and financial cost of fashion by extending the life of clothes. thredUP’s rebrand celebrates the fact that millions of consumers have embraced a more sustainable way to fresh their closets, and the meaningful impact that shift can have on our world.


In 2009 thredUP set out to make used clothes the new normal and create a more sustainable future for fashion. The company designed a modern resale experience that took the work and risk out of thrift, and converted a generation of secondhand skeptics to fans. Sellers send clothes directly to thredUP by the bagful, and buyers shop quality-checked items from over 35,000 brands at steep discounts. To power this marketplace, thredUP built an infrastructure that has recirculated 100 million unique garments via proprietary technology, data and logistics. thredUP most recently expanded its platform with Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS) to power resale for the world’s leading fashion brands. As a circular fashion pioneer, thredUP is reducing fashion’s impact on the planet and unlocking economic value for consumers and brands alike.

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